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Decorations Tips for different Lace Curtains


Wrinkle style lace curtain

This kind of cutrain achieved by beautifull wrinkle design which reflects a good sence.Simple but eleganet.This style is the most popular one in the market.

Curtain to be an importan part in the home decoration.It gives a very important effect in the home decoration.In the curtain market,the Lace Curtains is hot selling and accepted by all customers. But lace curtains collocation is not normal but has it own style.Here we will tell you one by one.

The wave shape style Curtain

The wave shape style curtain is strengthening effect for decorative effect. It will be quite unique and characteristic.if it is used for the inner side of the curtain. And the wave shape style curtain is applicable to a variety of fabrics.

Comfortable Flowers and Embroidery Style lace curtains

Grommet Curtains

To form a contrast with metal and cotton material curtain, the crommet curtains give a fine effect of this design is the visual effect.

The outer curtain lace

When to choose the outer curtain lace.For most customers, the first choice is the pictures design with the some small dots and the cotton fabric in same qualities which is look more leasure and romantic.


Inner curtain Lace

For the inner curtain lace,the pure color is more popular for most people to choose.and the inner curtain style should be simple. Compare to the romantic fuffled outer curtain lace,inner lace should be simple so that can fit its style perfectly, and showing a kind of casualty feeling.But the inner curtain lace must choose the thin cotton fabric and the effect will be the best.


Romance is all human’s pursuit from their inner heart, and lace curtains is a perfect matching for all those who need it,One of the reason why inner lace curtains sell so well because of the romance theme what thuman like.

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