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Have a lively room atmosphere with green curtain


There are lots of curtain styles and curtain colors can be chose in the market. Being an essential part for home decoration, curtain has many meanings for different people. What are going to talk about is green curtain. what visual effect would be? Let us to answer the question by an analysis supported by curtain expert.

Green is natural color made by yellow and blue. It can play a role in people’s mental equilibrium. Green ability to have a wide turn green colors, broad areas, with the different color mix together may appears a different mix of styles. ?From green can find the bright yellow hue and calm blue. Every single color appear has its own value to for different people.


Green is overlay the yellow color refers to sprightly but instead fit with gray color, meaning bad and recession. Mix on orange, green release kind of vitality of cold color. Another green meaning of elegant that reflect a kind of calm inner world full of depressed and bitter. In addition to, green blue color means to cold lively meaning.

green curtain

It is easily to find that great selection on green curtain. Natural color are abundant and different green color give you different meaning of life.

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