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Is there any special for girls’ curtain differ from others?


Boys and girls are different, certainly, girls curtain is differ from boys, has its own specials. Girls life is much privacy than boys, for them do not like to noticed on their personal life. Therefor, girls hang up shabby chic curtain for their room decoration.

A big panel or several pieces are used for girl’s room decoration. Some of them are those extra floor length curtains. With floor length curtain protection, girls stay in the room and draw down the curtain and do thing what they want to do by herself. Do not disturb them when they are doing something.
There are some lace ornaments for girls’ bedroom curtain for which represents to adorable and lovely qualities. Lots of embellishments accent at the curtain edging. Such as pleated ruched lace or some hollow work lace. They are really differ from boys’ curtains.

girls' bedroom curtain

The girl’s curtain fabric is not the same to others for girls who are more exquisite quality and sweet care for others. So silk and cotton materials are the most used for girl’s curtain making. For cotton and silk material are good at soft hand touch feel and comfortable. Drink a cup of black tea in the afternoon and enjoy the quiet music, that is really a wonderful day.

girls' curtain

After reading this passage, we believe that you have know much about girls curtain. If there is a special day is coming for you and your girl-friend. Purchasing a lovely girls curtain for her room decoration is great idea to show your love to her. To most girls, curtain is a protection meaning for them. It is believed that your girl-friend accept you to be her protection person if she accepted your curtain gift.

Have a lively room atmosphere with green curtain


There are lots of curtain styles and curtain colors can be chose in the market. Being an essential part for home decoration, curtain has many meanings for different people. What are going to talk about is green curtain. what visual effect would be? Let us to answer the question by an analysis supported by curtain expert.

Green is natural color made by yellow and blue. It can play a role in people’s mental equilibrium. Green ability to have a wide turn green colors, broad areas, with the different color mix together may appears a different mix of styles. ?From green can find the bright yellow hue and calm blue. Every single color appear has its own value to for different people.


Green is overlay the yellow color refers to sprightly but instead fit with gray color, meaning bad and recession. Mix on orange, green release kind of vitality of cold color. Another green meaning of elegant that reflect a kind of calm inner world full of depressed and bitter. In addition to, green blue color means to cold lively meaning.

green curtain

It is easily to find that great selection on green curtain. Natural color are abundant and different green color give you different meaning of life.

The black blackout curtains could be the best helper for our life


No matter what the outside is and when it is, if we are tired we only want to have a rest, no matter how the sunshine is, we only hope that we could be treated tenderly, at the same time, we hope that the sunshine could be prevented by the blackout curtains.

First the perfect sleeping

The curtains could help us prevent the sun shine, no matter you are in the day or night, or you feel tired because of the sunshine and light, it is time for you to go to sleep, then you could close the curtains and get the perfect sleep, if there is not light which influence you, then you could get the perfect sleep quality.


Second absorb the light

We all know that the black could absorb the heat, at the same time, the effect would be the best, so the black blackout drapes could be the important choice. That could prevent the heat from outside, we may not feel the stimulate. Absorbing the heat, the door would be soft, we could have the comfortable condition. As for the people who like to star at home in summer, the black blackout would be the best friend.

Third absorb the heat

If we wear the black dresses, we may feel warm, especially in the summer outside, when we walk outside, we may feel it harm, since the black color absorb the heat, at the same time, the black color could absorb the light and hear. So called blackout curtains could prevent the light go into the room, at the same time, the heat would not go through, our room would be cooled down, we may not feel the hot.

In order to let you have the steady sleep, it also could help you prevent it from the light, at the same time, it could help you absorb the heat from the black blackout curtains, this would be the best choice, in order to make the door beauty and create the better life.

Tips of White Curtain Collocation


Pure white color fulls of fairy tale taste. White curtains is elegant and romantic that be loved by all most people.How should we do well to match with a white curtain in home decorative? For home decor,curtain is not only to be used to protect privacy but also to be a decoration which may affect the whole room effect. A curtain can reflect the master’s personality traits. So buying a good curtain is an important step in home improvement.Today we are going to provide you several white curtains with which enjoy bright warm sunshine in the winter under the white curtains.

White curtain is simple and elegant. It would not make a room dark even two panels are close. How should we do well to match a pure curtain perfectly when using a white curtain for home decor? For exmple,if the curtain is pure white and it can matched with white desks and white chairs. With white theme the whole room would look more bright and warm when the sunshine comes into the room.

Fun Room Darkening Cotton Blue Print Sew Simple Curtains

Simple, clean and elegant white curtains, showing a fresh and elegant feeling. It make people happy and cheer when hang up in a brigth room.

White Curtains