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Vintage Floral curtains make the room look more pastoral


Curtains in the living room is not only for the sun shading but also make the air of the room better in the summer. Thus you should choose a breathable and lightweight curtain. Some people choose the pastoral style of the housing decoration and the vintage floral curtains can make a bedroom fresher and special, and it is the same to the living room to have the new feeling, it is also very important. Here we’d like to recommend several¬†vintage floral curtains¬†for you to have a direct knowledge.

Vintage style curtains of Leaf and Lotus Patterns Chinese Feeling

1, Pink plaid floral curtains

There is a dream of every girl and young lady that is to become a beautiful princess, and the pastoral style is fit to the princess feeling, so it is very popular among the girls. The pattern of this curtain is pink stamp on the white cotton curtains, and the special curtain used in the living room will make people feel very romantic, especially decorated with the white cloth and white furniture, which will highlight the pastoral style of the family. Pink plaid pattern can be chose to be used as the decoration, which could also match with a few butterfly bows; all the decorations would leave the sweet impression. Pink has also been coloring the whole summer. Some similar color curtains also can be used in this style, different colors using will make your house to be looked fresh and special, just because the colors are followed with the same style, it wouldn’t be look abrupt or strange.

vintage floral curtains

2, blue curtains with the pattern of little flower

If the window is in the back of the sofa, you can choose to put a layer of white gauze in the shade of vintage floral curtains, which will make the sitting room appear more levels feeling. The fine floral with white gauze will let the color and pattern to be balanced and show some levels, the whole space appears to be fresher. The curtain with fine arranged blue floral is putted in the front of white gauze will bring you some vintage feeling, if you put some green potted plants in the living room, the old furniture will be look more classic.

How about the vintage curtains recommended above, if you want to decorate your house with the pastoral style, the mentioned curtains could not be missed.

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